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A true eyecatcher and limited to 25 pieces - the "SansSouci" by Velocipedo, a young company founded by the likeable and detailed bike designer Matthias Jeschke in Halle (Saale) in 2014! Frame, fork, stem & spacer, seat post & clamp are made of titanium, the two fenders of bamboo, saddle and grips consist of fine leather. Starting with the Supernova lighting system, the Formula disc brake system, the BLB rack and the Knog bell, carefully selected premium components have been installed on this bike. With only 10.8kg, this fully fitted bike is also a real lightweight. The jewel is driven by our compact 2-speed Doppio BX bottom bracket gearbox and a Gates Carbon Drive belt. No need for a shifter - the switching procedure is caused by the so-called "kick-back" function, a minimal regression of the crank. A unique bike that leaves nothing to be desired! We are proud to be part of this project!

More information about Velocipedo:


Für weitere Details zum Modell "SansSouci":


Doppio Bullitt

The "Doppio Bullitt" is the result of the collaboration of Larry vs Harry and Kappstein. It is not only an eyecatcher, but also with a maximum of 180kg extremely resilient. Equipped with the 8-speed Shimano Alfine in the rear and the 2-speed bottom bracket "Doppio" in the front, you are forearmed with 16 gears for each climb. The whole is driven on the Gates Carbon Drive and stopped by hydraulic Shimano SLX brakes at the front and at the back. 

Joshi´s Dosnoventa x Ruphus

A few hours ago this shot of an awesome Dosnoventa custom color bike received us from Joshi from Malaysia. What an stunning bike combined with our Ruphus chainring. He built this bike to compete especially in Crits like the Holy Crit (organized in Singapore). We love your bike, Joshi! Ride hard and much fun with the Ruphus chainring.

Joshua:"All i can say is you guys done a great job designing this chainring! I’ve been trying so many track chainrings and Ruphus is by far the best I’ve ever tested (the chain ring is so good that i even bought another one in different sizes). The engagement, the stiffness and the product finishing is superb!"

Thank you so much for these kind words, Joshi! Greetings to you and your Crew!

Find Joshua on instagram: joshie_t

Urwahn Bikes - Stadtfuchs

Stadtfuchs! This is the name of this urban/commuter Bike with its unique and innovative frame design from Urwahn Bikes. For commuting through cities and flat countries you do not really need more than this bike can offer you. In the back they used the Sram Automatix combined with our Doppio 2 speed gear in the bottom bracket. If you want to see these attractive bikes in reality then visit us at the Berlin Cycle Show in March.


The NUA-Doppio, a real urban rocket. The Nua Ti-Core frame from Barcelona paired with the new NUA-carbon-fork, our 2 shift gear bottom bracket Doppio and delicious parts leading to a one of a kind bike.

A puristic bicycle, not only for urban use. 

Noranont´s Dosnoventa

Noranont built up his new Dosnoventa Detroit 2. Last year he already presented us his fixed gear built up with a Kappstein Cog and now he finally received his new frame. It´s still fantastic how much positive vibration comes from Thailand and we are looking forward to receive more pictures from Asia. Have a good ride Noranont! 

VSR & Kappstein

VSR is the company name of a bike label from Brandenburg that stands for premium bikes. They kindly provided us with a concept bike to be displayed at various trade shows and at other events.  In the end it was decided to go for the Ti Track 2 Frame. The geometry in combination with the special titanium tubes makes this bike quite the eye catcher. Additionally, it is a perfect match for our FlipFree hub and the Kappstein sprocket.

With Dani Fritzsche, the guy behind VSR, we have not only found a great partner but also a friend. We very much look forward to this cooperation. Check out his homepage or maybe, if possible, his shop!

titan frame - made for eternity
noble drive unit
FlipFree, Sprocket & Lockring - Kappstein
VSR let produce their own carbon clincher.
raw and high quality

News from Budapest

Máté Horvath is from Budapest, Hungary. His first contact with fixed gear goes back to the time he studied in Germany and a friend of him, who worked in a big bike chainstore, hooked him up with a good deal on a complete bike. The culture surrounding Fixed Gear was really appealing to him and when he moved around in Europe, his bike always followed. In Vienna he met a lot of people who were passionate about riding track bikes and once he had more cash Máté started putting together his current setup. When he lived in Vienna he worked for the SOFB Magazine and first contacts between him and Kappstein caused. Kappstein components, the 8bar x Kappstein chainring and the Sprocket slowly became a key in his drivetrain, be it winter training or any kind of racing. Currently he is living in Budapest and he is trying to go to European crit races and hopefully going into other bike disciplines. Thanks to Máté for the story!

Noranont Ampornsirisyn

Noranont Ampornsirisyn is a 44 years old men and is living in Bangkok, Thailand. Noranont is working as designer and just promotes to be an design manager in a department. He starts riding bicycle 5 years ago with an old second hand single speed bike. Unfortunately the bike was stolen and he decided to ride a fixed gear bike. After a while riding fixed gear he began to truly love the way of riding fixed and he started to upgrade his parts. He found the Kappstein Cog at the Bullet Bicycle Store in Thailand, one of our best dealers! Now he is riding a transmission of 49 x 17, perfect to ride in the city and enjoy all his stages threw Bangkok. Much greetings to Noranont! Have fun and stay awesome!

Kappstein meets Dosnoventa - Bangkok

Again and again and again...The colleagues from Bangkok of URBAN HUB and Bullet Bicycle struck again! They built up some really nice bikes. The frames from Dosnoventa together with HED carbon wheels and the Kappstein stainless cog. Simply beautiful! We would ride these bikes in exactly this style, great work guys! We are looking forward and stay tuned what will come next.

New Diamant in the Kappstein Team

Our Kappstein martin has built up a new city track bike. Martin is among to the lovers of classic bikes in our team. Maybe it depends on his age, with his 32 years of age he belongs to the grey eminence of the Kappstein Team. He built up this beautiful blue thing according to the motto "only steel is real". It´s an Diamant track frame, maybe in the same age as Martin, maybe a bit older. We got the frame from a cycle club in Elxleben, next to Gotha, they said they have no use for this beauty anymore. Martin found the Diamant stickers in the web, they give back the frame his unique vintage style. Kappstein loves fixed gear. Ride hard, Martin!




  • H + SON TB14
  • Gran-Compe Hubs
  • Continental Super Sport Tires
  • Classic Pista Crankset Hollowtech
  • Classic Standard stem
  • Brooks Swift
  • Schindelhauer-Pedals
  • Izumi Chain
  • Kappstein Sprocket & Lock Ring
  • Nitto - Riser
  • Blb bartape

News from Thailand

A few weeks ago, Kappstein supplied the new dealer in Thailand. The following pictures received us only some days later. Our friends from Thailand prove taste and built up our sprockets with some of the latest and greatest frames. For example the very new Cinelli Mash Histogram 2015. When we saw these pictures, we were very lucky and we are looking forward to become a lot of new pictures from there. Much appreciate to Thailand!

Cinelli, Reynolds, Kappstein...What a combination! by URBAN HUB

Diamant Track Frame - Kappstein Sprocket

Steffen built up his nice, old Diamant track frame with our sprocket. He is riding our sprocket since March 2014 and drove round about 1200km with it! You can find an extensive review here: to the review

Cinelli Parallax built up

Hans, a really good friend of us built up this awesome Cinelli Parallax. He used only high end components for this beautiful and popular bike. Of course, our Kappstein Sprocket have to be on it.


Cinelli Mash Parallax 2014 from Unshinebar on Vimeo.



Max Höflich - Winner Rad Race Offenbach

Max Höflich won the Rad Race in Offenbach and deserves one of our Sprockets! Special thanks to him for these brilliant pictures and much fun with your bike. Best Greetings!

Greetings from Cologne - La Piovra

Kappstein retailer Sore Bikes sent us a beautiful picture of a BLB "La Piovra" from Cologne! The bike was a custom built up with some really nice parts. We are lucky about this Bike because our Kappstein Sprocket is on it and provides the power! Safe journey! Best greetings to Cologne!


26.10.17 ProLine Fixed Gear Komponenten weiterhin auf Erfolgskurs!

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