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No brakes, no gears, no mercy!The unofficial Fixed Gear World Championchip took place for the third time on June 18th, 2017 within the scope of the Velothon Berlin in and around Berlin. More than 600 riders from more than 25...[more]

Sponsoring contract with Olympic champion Kristina Vogel has been signed.Thursday 15. June 2017

We're glad to announce that the sponsoring contract between Kappstein and Kristina Vogel has been signed. Also in year 2017, we keep in touch with the Olympic champion Kristina Vogel as part of a sponsorship deal. Since she...[more]

Kappstein Interview von VelohomeTuesday 25. April 2017

Als wir Ende März zu Besuch auf der Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf waren, lernten wir unter anderem auch Christian von Velohome kennen. Christian betreibt einen kleinen Blog mit Podcasts in dem er die Fahrradindustrie, aktuelle...[more]

Berliner Fahrradschau 2017 - a retrospectiveTuesday 04. April 2017

Apart from Eurobike, VELOBerlin and the Wiener Fahrradschau, the Berliner Fahrradschau is one of the most famous international bike shows. This year, the BFS took place for the eighth time from 03 to 05 March as the final...[more]

Festka x Nespresso | KappsteinMonday 03. April 2017

Kappstein Drivetrain in unique Festka x Nespresso Bike[more]

11speed chains on track bikes?Thursday 23. June 2016

After a kick-off-meeting between FES, the German Cycling Federation and Kappstein we made the decision to establish a new track / fixed-gear standard. The idea behind this new setup is improved aerodynamics, the decrease of...[more]

News zum Doppio TretlagergetriebeFriday 05. February 2016

Nachdem man vor ca. zwei Jahren die ersten Prototypen des Doppio ́s in der Hand halten konnte, ist die Entwicklungsphase des Getriebes nun abgeschlossen. In diesen zwei Jahren ist eine Menge passiert. Man hat das Getriebe weiter...[more]

Das Spoke Magazin zu Besuch bei KappsteinTuesday 26. January 2016

Nach unzähligen Telefonaten und einigen Treffen auf verschiedenen Messen, war es nun soweit - das Spoke Magazin ist nach Gotha gekommen und wollte ganz genau wissen, was wir denn eigentlich so den ganzen Tag treiben.  Das...[more]

Innovative e-ConceptbikeMonday 19. October 2015

Heisenberg, Energytube and Kappstein. What do they all have in common? There are a number of similarities if you are asking us. All of the above named companies are young and innovative trying to bring some fresh wind into...[more]

8bar Last One StandingMonday 19. October 2015

Stefan Schott, the head of 8bar, contacted us a few weeks ago to inform us that he had the idea to plan a crit at the Tempelhof Field in Berlin and wondered whether we are interested in supporting the race! We thought that it was...[more]

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No brakes, no gears, no mercy!The unofficial...

15.06.17 Sponsoring contract with Olympic champion Kristina Vogel has been signed.

We're glad to announce that the sponsoring...

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