Sponsoring contract with Olympic champion Kristina Vogel has been signed.


We're glad to announce that the sponsoring contract between Kappstein and Kristina Vogel has been signed.

Also in year 2017, we keep in touch with the Olympic champion Kristina Vogel as part of a sponsorship deal. Since she achieved many successes with the Kappstein Sprocket in the recent years, also a Special Edition of the Sprocket was dedicated to her, Kristinas set-up has now expanded by another Kappstein components. From now on she's on the track with the sprocket and chainrings from our ProLine product line.

World champion in keirin and sprint and 3rd place with the team only this year. These are the current successes of the sprint Olympic champion of Rio 2016. For further information and a listing of all successes visit www.kristinavogel.com

Anyway, we look forward to this collaboration. Good speed with your new Kappstein set-up!

Information about characteristics of Kappstein's ProLine series and the corresponding products you can find under the caption ProLine Series.

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