The Doppio Bottom Bracket Drive System by Kappstein is a milestone in the era of BB Drive Systems for bicycles. Kappstein is the only company to offer a BB drive system that provides two different ways of shifting gears. With the Doppio BX version, no buttons are required to change gears. Gear shifting is simply done by back pedaling once, and then immediately pedaling forwards. With the Doppio CX version, shifting occurs comfortably with a wire shifter on the handlebar. The gear ratio for both versions is 1:1,57. The Doppio can be easily installed in any BSA bottom bracket´s without making any adjustments, no matter if the shell is 68mm or 73mm. The most planetary gears consist of 3 or 4 planets, the Kappstein planetary gear has 6 planets! For the first time, it has become possible to produce a very narrow gearbox (only a bit more than 10 mm). By using high precision components of highest quality, Kappstein succeeded in developing a very strong and stable planetary gear system with longevity.


  • 2-Gear Bottom Bracket Drive System
  • gear ratio: 1 : 1,57
  • gearshift: wire or kick-shift
  • chain line: 43,5mm
  • Q-Factor: 185mm
  • 32T standard chairing
  • bowden cable holder with innovative clamping mechanism
  • compatible with all BSA Bottom Brackets
  • 6 planets (extrem precise CNC-machined)
  • tech. service: after 5000km or 2 Years
  • application field: city, urban, eBikes, trekking
  • JIS square
  • 4 x 104mm bolt circle
  • currently only available for OEM's



weight comparison

Also the weight can pass after a comparison between comparable urban 2 speed groups. As the Doppio consists out of steel it maybe gives the first impression that your bike will get a bit heavier, but thats not true. Actually your bike could get a little bit lighter, because of the light parts around the bottom bracket and the very compact design of it.

Doppio SetShimano Metrea SetShimano Crank Set - 4 Square
1250 g1317 g1456 g





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