Elite Chainring

The Elite chainring is a special chainring which was developed together with FES (Institute for the Research and Development of Sports Equipment). It is optimized for the FES track frames and harmonizes perfectly with these unbelievable black carbon frames. For quite a few months now the professional track cyclists started to ride increasingly larger ratios with the goal to beat their best times. The times are over where all you needed was a 56T chainring. Some German top athletes are even able to ride 60T, which is absolutely awesome.

For chainrings with such a huge size it´s most important to pay special attention to the stiffness. We developed a chainring with a special strutting to reach a perfect level of stiffness and minimal weight. The material we use is the hard 7075/T6 aluminum, perfect to use for stiff bike parts. We finished the chainrings with a particular surface coating so that the chain can easily slide through the tooth-valley. It was our main target to reduce the friction losses to a minimum – Voilà! The Elite chainring is exclusively produced in the Pro-Line teeth design. On that score the chainring is only compatible with selected chains (you find a chart on the "Pro Line" page).

The chainring will take part at the Olympic games in Rio, Brazil. All nominated cyclists for the Olympic games will be equipped with this aluminium ”weapon”. 


  • bolt circle: 5 x 144 mm
  • 50T, 52-60T
  • 7075/T6 aluminium
  • CNC-shaped
  • "Round-teeth-Design" (Olympia technology)
  • extreme stiffness
  • minimal weight
  • 56T = 114g
  • special coating: hard-eloxed
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • to the shop


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