Kappstein’s philosophy is to continually strive for more innovative and high quality products which can even be further enhanced by having products “made in Germany”. Kappstein’s goal in the coming years is to establish a successful “Mittelstand” company, something Germany is very famous for. The very first costumer products will be produced shortly with some of the latest CNC machines here in Gotha. With the Sprocket and the FlipFree, Kappstein has celebrate their debut in the world of innovative, premium bicycle components. The Doppio Bottom Bracket Drive System, which is a two speed gearing system that can be fitted in all standard bottom brackets, is now available for OEM´s and soon for retailer as well as privat clients. For Kappstein it is very important, that most of their products are compatible with other products in the portfolio which offers more options for the customers. For example it is possible to combine the Kappstein 3-speed hub motor with the Doppio Drive System. With this combination one has an ultra-strong rear-wheel-direct-drive with six gears, suitable for all terrains.


Elite Chainring



Eigenschaften der FlipFree Singlespeed, Fixed Gear Nabe

Ruphus Chainring


Silent Freewheel Hub

Doppio chainring

ProLine Series


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04.04.17 Berliner Fahrradschau 2017 - a retrospective

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