Kappstein ProLine

What does ProLine mean?

„Pro Line“ stands for a new product line, which has been specifically developed for the competitive sport and its extremely high demands. All products with the add-on „Pro Line“ have been optimized for a specific application. A variety of areas  can be optimized which can include weight, stiffness, function, surface treatment or the material itself. The first product of this series will be a new sprocket, which was developed together with Institute for the Research and Development of Sports Equipment (FES). We designed a special sprocket which is compatible with the narrower 11-speed chain. This product has been developed for the German national track cycling team for the Olympic games in Rio 2016. The endurance athletes as well the sprinters will ride this product in training and of course in their respective competitions.



CN-HG900-11, CN-HG700-11, CN-HG600-11


11S0, 11SX, 11SB, 11SE


DLC11, X11SL, X11EL, X11e, X11



ProLine products

  • Sprocket ProLine: We adjusted the round-teeth design so that it fits perfectly with a 11-speed chain. This sprocket will be ridden at the Olympic games in Rio. Because of the thinner teeth it is also lighter than our standard sprocket.
  • Ruphus ProLine: This chainring is the counterpart to our sprocket Pro Line. To utilize the advantages of an 11-speed chain this new chainring is the perfect solution . Furthermore, the product has been exposed to a very special coating procedure! The procedure is called „hard coating“. This leads to the aluminum chainring having almost the same degree of hardness as our stainless steel sprocket.
  • Elite chainring:
    The Elite chainring is a special chainring, that was developed together with FES (Institute for the Research and Development of Sports Equipment). Especially the strutting ensures stiffness, an extra coating guarantees best slide characteristics.


26.10.17 ProLine Fixed Gear Komponenten weiterhin auf Erfolgskurs!

„My legs are my gears!“ Auch im Jahr 2017 können...


No brakes, no gears, no mercy!The unofficial...

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