Dynamic Flow Concept

The "Dynamic Flow Concept" describes a drive principle that is characterized by the composition of the gear box and the motor. By combining different rear engines from Kappstein or third parties with the Doppio gearbox as the front shifting system, the transmission of forces (dynamic flux of force) from driver to road is very effective on the one hand. On the other hand the wearout on every single components is minimized because the Engine behind the transmission has no direct influence on the switching process.

Starting from the energy of the driver (manpower), the flux of force starts at the Doppio 2-speed gearbox, which offers a comfortable transmission ratio of 1: 1.57. Combined with the 3-speed KA3S, up to 6 gears could be mechanically switched. Due to the precise manufacture of the gearbox, the loss of effectiveness is negligible and comparable to the losses with customary bottom brackets. After the power has been converted in the front, it is transmitted to the rear engine via belt or chain, detected via the integrated torque sensor, adequately boosted and directly conveyed to the road. The direct power transmission and principally better traction through the engine's self-weight on the rear, the rear wheel drive ensures a dynamic and sporty handling. A further advantage of this concept is the shifting comfort, which is rather adversely affected by forces, that occur during the switching process at the chain and the sprocket, for example when using a mid-engine.


advantages at a glance


  • adaptable & configurable concept
  • comfortable shifting due to gear box/motor shifting system
  • dynamic flux of force (Manpower | Gear box | Motor)
  • lower wearout
  • high efficiency
  • constant chainline





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