Kappstein Motors


Kappstein developed a unique and classical display. The design is based on a classic wristwatch. A round casing out of aluminum creates a precious and clean look. The Kappstein display shows the main functions like speed, distance, total distance, maximum speed, state of charge for the battery, cruising range, support level etc. If a larger variety of functions is desired, different displays from our partners can also be connected to our motors as Can-Bus facilitates easy integration. More details can provided in a meeting or via phone.


The battery is a very important issue for e-bikes. We are working together with a variety of highly regarded battery suppliers. These partners give us the possibility to guarantee fast and customer-friendly support and we place great importance on this issue. However, one solution does not fit all and we always keep an open mind and are happy to discuss alternative solutions.

Support network

As mentioned Kappstein is able to provide their customers a reliable support network. We still work continuously on this topic to give the best and fastest service possible. Our high quality standards are very high and we strive to provide products that meet these standards. In the unlikely event of an issue we would like to see our customers back on their bike as fast as possible. With an easy, customer-friendly and fast analysis-tool any problem can be located directly at the retailer.

Everything from one source

Kappstein´s ambition is to provide a one stop solution: the motor, the display and the battery. This is mostly a non-standard solution. Every customer is offered an individual package tailored to their needs. Individualism and customizing are the keywords for our co-operation. We are working on the finalization of the package and looking forward to presenting it soon.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales-team.


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