KA3S – Rear motor with internal 3 Speed gearing system

Ka3s eBike Motor

One Motor, three gears. No matter if in the city, the country or in the hills. No problems with the KA3S.

This 40Nm Motor contains an internal Kappstein 3-speed gearing system that can be operated from the handle bar with a wire shifter. In combination with the Kappstein Doppio bottom bracket gearing system the rider can double gears to six and in this way, it would be very well equipped for most riding conditions. The motor is very efficient with an internal controller as well as an internal torque sensor.

KA3S rear eBike Motor


  • performance: 250W, 36V
  • transmission: 0,75 : 1: 1,35
  • maintenance-free
  • BSE-thread / 10-speed cogset
  • 9-Spline socket
  • integrated torque sensor
  • integrated controller
  • 6-bolt disc brake socket
  • soundless freewheel
  • max. speed: 280 RPM
  • chainline: 42,5 mm
  • O.L.D.: 135 mm
  • axle: M10
  • Bus: U-ART & CanBus
  • weight: 5,8 kg
  • wheel dimension: 20-28 inches


Almost each eBike has it´s own characteristics and geometry as well as a special set up of configuration, this is why our specifications aren't cut in stone, they rather can be customized collaborative. Kappstein offers this service for the possibility of finding a solution for nearly any e-bike project. Engraving, color and the driving mode are adjustable too. Our motors are produced in China in-house production, this is why we can invent every process and part. We are open for supplier audits and visits. Our headquater in Gotha ensures a quick and easy communication between bike manufacturer and series production, it´s also suitable for more logistical flexibility. Meetings and agreements can settled fast and customer oriented.


In this special segment Kappstein is selling exclusively B2B. We do not offer retrofit sets. 

You would like to know more about our E-Mobility products? Please contact our Technical Sales Team and we are looking forward to arrange a meeting with you.


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