Chainrings & Sprockets

  • What is the difference between ProLine & Standard?
  • Which chain should be used for the ProLine products?
  • Can I combine ProLine components with standard components?
  • Can I also use ProLine products with a 9- or 10-speed chain?
  • Why does my drive wear out so quickly?
  • Why is it so difficult to clean my chainring?

SF Hub

Doppio CX

  • Which bikes is the Doppio suitable for?
  • Can I also install the Doppio in my old bike?
  • Can the Doppio be used with a belt drive?
  • Can I replace the bowden cable?
  • I cut too much of the shift cable - what now?
  • When and how do I have to service the Doppio?
  • As an end customer, is it possible for me to install the Doppio by myself?
  • Why do I hear clicking noises in second gear?
  • Why does the Doppio stop shifting?
  • Where can I buy the Doppio?
  • Is the Doppio available for other mounting options than JIS square?
  • What crank lengths are available?
  • Can I also use cranks from other manufacturers?