Kappstein - innovative premium bike components

Kappstein branch in Gotha (Thuringia)

Kappstein GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company specializing in electric bike motors and premium bike components. Over the last years Kappstein gained a lot of experience in developing and producing high-quality bike components as well as electric-drive-systems. At the turn of the century the founders of Kappstein worked with one of the largest bike producers in Europe to supply a large quantity of motors. As one of the first ebike motor producers in the market, Kappstein significantly influenced the market. Still today this motor is being used and is offered in an upgrade version along with  three other innovative new motors. What started in Australia has now shifted to Germany due to the close proximity to the important European market for bikes and components. Therefore, Kappstein products are “Made in Germany” with the latest CNC
to the highest quality standards. In the meantime Kappstein employs 12 full time employees and two apprentices. Besides highly efficient rear-wheel-drive-systems with integrated internal gearings a number of other mechanical components are offered. The compact Bottom-Bracket-Drive-System “Doppio” and the practical “FlipFree” are only some of the unique, innovative and high end products that Kappstein offers to the global bike scene. 

Kappstein is also involved in the female cycling sport and is sponsoring Kristina Vogel, official world champion in Keirin and olympic gold medal winner. The latest and largest collaboration is happening with the German track national team. Together with the Institute for the Research and Development of Sports Equipment (FES) we have developed some special components for the drive unit which were used at the Olympic games in Rio 2016. For these components only best materials and the highest level of precision are of utmost importance. Kappstein is also active in the fixed gear scene and supports the 8bar Team which won the unofficial fixed gear world championship in 2015. Kappstein also supports the young track cyclist Marcel Bartsch who is an upcoming motor-paced-racer.

The Kappstein Project is co-financed by the Free State Thuringia within the frame of "Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung" (EFRE), as well as the "Europäischer Sozialfonds" (ESF).


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