Ruphus Chainring

With the newly designed chainring named „Ruphus“, Kappstein closes a gap and offers besides their proven sprocket also a solution for the crankset. CNC machined out of a 5mm 7075T6 aluminum sheet the chainring is very stiff and light. It has 6 different CNC machined steps which leads to a very interesting and unique look with lots of details to explore. With only 99 grams (49T) and a great stiffness this  chainring is a must have for every one values design and performance. Even for our friends on fixed gear bikes this chainring is a pretty good solution to optimize the drive train and to realize their full potential. The 8bar Team around Stefan Schott, the leader of the team, will ride the chainring in all the upcoming fixed gear events. This valuable experience of all these professional guys will be used in the continous development of our products.

product varieties:

  • Ruphus 49T (deep black)
  • Ruphus ProLine 49T (nato olive)
  • Ruphus 51T (deep black)
  • Ruphus ProLine 51T (nato olive)

The design comes from Rafael Krome, a young Munich based product designer who carried on some projects for a well known bavarian automobile manufacturer. He is member of the notorious Hardbrakers Gang from Hamburg. As well as the 8bar x Kappstein chainrings, the „Ruphus“ chainring is CNC machined, anodized and engraved in Thuringia. 100% made in Germany.

Ruphus - the making of


  • 7075/T6 aluminum
  • 49t, 51t
  • BCD: 5 x 144mm
  • CNC-machined
  • anodized: deep black & nato oliv*
  • 100% supply chain in Germany
  • round-teeth design (olympic technology)
  • extrem smooth
  • durable
  • *special anodized. Extrem hard surface which is three times more durable than normal anodized aluminum.


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